Friendly Match against BROz


The 1st April 06

*|DTF|* played a friendly / Fun match against BROz and we lost 0-8 (2-3,0-3 : 1-3,2-3 : 2-3,2-3 : 0-3,0-3 )
The game was played as a 6 vs 6 with good spirit.

We played the Nordicus rulz, but double up so, 4 maps, with each 2 map rounds, first to 3 wins on map half, Win.
We have in a long time been talking about a good game against our beloved friends BROz ,
and finally it all turned out to the good side…. We got a match

BROz had big problems, so they got help from a friend of the CirCles… Jopez in the last maps. (in stats called Ugly_BROz)
Okay they might not have that big problems, but we needed some kind of excuse for the loose in last maps

It took some time before we started…… BROz could not find the map we have choose,
they claimed that they didn't have it on their server, which I knew was wrong…
after a lot of chat in the game, Monty came to DTF TeamSpeak and after some talk
we found out it was a mis-confuse between 2 maps…. Combat Zone and Close Quarter… we wanted "Close Combat",
but it was Close Quarter we where thinking about… shit happens Sry BROz for this confusion of names !

Okay we had to start, BROz choose first map and the fun began !!

Island Estate :
Good choise of BROz ! we all love this map in some kind of way, and we really had som good fights.
DTF actually managed to get in front 2-1 on this map (as green) but after 6 rounds BROz closed the round to their victory !
DTF as red was not a success, we lost 0-3, but we tried to pull the time, so the rounds was like this: 1-draw-1-draw-1 to BROz.
All in all some good games !!

Close Quarter :
Okay DTFs all time tactic map ! In the first NC we practise this map so much that we got a bit tired of it, but this match
was the time for a revival.
DTF in green… well we lost 1-3 but with good fights… specially Ace got a bit tired of Seti's C4..... hehehe Tick Tick Bum….
I guess 3 times in a row.
DTF in red was better and here again we where in front 2-1 but again… we did not close the match and BROz won 3-2

Mountain Highway :
DTF map again, we choose this due to we never play it, and we have before done "okay" on it, so we thought okay lets kill
some BROzies on this map !! I guess BROz was not so happy about the choise
DTF in green and again in front 2-1 without closing the map , but good fights again !
Here to mention: Fizban crashed, and in the good spirit BROz are, they restarted the round so we got Fizzy in again !
Thx m8s
DTF in red and the marathon started....
BROz could not get us, and we again manage to get in front 2-1, the fight went forth and back, our tactics here was 2,5 teams fight.
Phoe, Snake rushed towards the ramp. Our mini-muumi Blanco stayed in the spawn area,
Kanto, Fizban and Seti rushed into the dark alleys towards the long ladder, and this tactic seemed to hold back the BROzies a bit.
They felt down the ladder, got shot and all kind of frustrating stuff
All in all it took 11 rounds before the BROzies got us.
We lost again but we really think we had some good fights, I hope BROz had as much fun as we had...
hope you guys didn't get to frustrated
(we don't have screen shot on first map-half, there was a BROz guy who tried to change map...
they where afraid to loose i guess )

Private Airport :
well last map….. and total overrun of BROz, not much to say here…. We got beaten badly and quick !
A thing here ! BROz knows… who don't… that Streets are DTFs all times favourite hate map,
so they where so friendly not to choose this ! and this was some kind of an advanced to BROz without they knew it !
actually Strees are our hatemap but we are so used to play it that we have started play it "okay"...
we even got tactics on this map !! ,
but instead they choose Privat Airport which we also hate.... but this we don't play so often.......
look at stats and you see it !

Okay we lost, but I guess/hope that the BROz got at least some "training".
Actually we could have won several rounds, (was in front 2-x) but we never manage to close the sack!
Typical for DTF, we tent to get the "rubber mouse" when we are about to win a map round !...
we have to learn to close the rounds if we ever want to get some match wins !!

Over and out from here
Seti_Sniper.... your war correspondent.

About kill stats: 5 round is on DTF side "Top out of the head"
TK's we dont have count on BROz... but they made alot.

More info about rulz played can be found here: Nordicus Cup

Okay a few numbers for the freaks !!

4 maps with both inserts on each map. Then play until 1 team wins 3 rounds
Clik on images for more stats on each map.
# Map name Chosen by DTF round 1 - BROz round 1 DTF round 2 - BROz round 2
1Island Estate BROz 2 -3 0 -3
2Close Quarter DTF 1 -3 2 -3
3Mountain Hw DTF 2 -3 2 -3
4Private Airp BROz 0 -3 0 -3
2 5 (green) - 12 (red) 4 (red) - 12 (green)
*|DTF|* Player Total kills TKs
*|DTF|* Blanco 1005080804070302471
*|DTF|* Seti_Sniper 0503060207120403421
*|DTF|* Kanto 0602020204050403281
*|DTF|* Fizban 000401050109000121
*|DTF|* Phoebus 000102010105000111
*|DTF|* Snake 030200020003000010
BROz Player Total kills TKs
Monty BROz 12050602--05020335
Raven BROz 03060703--07020634
Ugly BROz ----0508--13030534
Sky BROz 05030608--06010433
Sizzla BROz 04080100--10030228
Ace BROz 03020103--05060222
DG BROz 0402------------06
rund 1
( Island Estate 1 round )
rund 2
( Island Estate 2 round )
rund 1
( Close Quarter 1 round )
rund 2
( Close Quarter 2 round )
rund 1
( Mountain HW 1 round )
rund 2
( Mountain HW 2 round )
rund 1
( Private Airport 1 round )
rund 2
( Private Airport 2 round )