Nordicus Cup Match against CirCle

The 23th Oct 04
The match was a 6 vs 6, so *|DTF|* made a few tactics
On Prison we basialy just teamed up (3 teams of 2) and ran each way.... bit like a "Fun game".
On Closequarter we teamed up 3x2 again, but here each team had their assignment with different equipment.
2 rush teams and 1 defensive team.

*|DTF|* had a bad start on the prison map. Circle smashed us the 2 first rounds.
Then we got a bit less aggressive, and got a tie(3round). But they still won 3-0.
After the map-change Circle(green) overran us completely, and won without any effort 3-0.
On the Closequartermap DTF had trained a lot and made alot of tactics, but still CirCle(red) quickly won 3-0.
The training and tactics worked better after map-change and even though Circle came in front with 2-0 it was a couple of close rounds.
Then DTF had their moment, got a tie and won a round, which btw also was very close.
Unfortunately DTF never got their hands down with joy before Circle smashed them totally in the last round.

A personal note(Kanto): It was very obvious that DTF donīt have any experience in ladder-matches.
We havenīt got the patiense to wait and see what the opponent does.
But itīs big fun, and weīre all pretty excited that we participate in Nordicus Cup. :-)

More info can be found here: Nordicus Cup

Okay a few numbers for the freaks !!

2 maps with both inserts on each map. Then play until 1 team wins 3 rounds
Clik on images for more stats on each map.
# Map name Chosen by DTF round 1 - CirCle round 1 DTF round 2 - CirCle round 2
1Prison Nordicus 0 -3 0 -3
2Closequarter Nordicus 0 -3 1 -3
2 0 (Green) - 6 (Red) 1 (Red) - 6 (Green)
*|DTF|* Player Total kills TKs
*|DTF|* Kanto 1045101
*|DTF|* Il Blanco 32229
*|DTF|* Phoebus 20136
*|DTF|* Seti_Sniper 20125
*|DTF|* Snake 30205
*|DTF|* Fizban 00022
CirCle Player Total kills TKs Several TKs on CirCle but no count of who made who
CirCle Pek_Pek 454922
CirCle GONA 530715
CirCle Evolver0 056314
CirCle SnQQker 406313
CirCle AnDe 530412
CirCle zero 32128
rund 1
( Prison 1 round )
rund 2
( Prison 2 round )
rund 1
( Closequarter 1 round )
rund 2
( Closequarter 2 round )