Nordicus Cup 4 Match against DaBrotherHood BROz

The 18 Mar 07
*|DTF|* had "third" Nordicup Cup 4 match against BROz and we lost 0-4 (1-4,2-3 : 0-4,0-5)
The game was played as a 4 vs 4 with good spirit.(as always against BROz)

First round we had the pleasure to meet Främlingslegionen (FL). which we lost against.
Second round, against .PV which we at writing hours have not played yet (but scheduled)
Third round, ohh our prime enemy BROz was in the line of fire from the hardcore gamers of *|DTF|*

And now you will be taking into the hardcore gamer story of an evil Saturday night
(kids plz don't do this at home)

It was a dark non-stormy night... it was Saturday... no winds blowing... no rain....
sun had been shining all day, but now gone by the horizon ! 
... How scary can it be ? ... you will read !

DTF joined up on the evil testserver of Kantos and all DTFers noted that the evil BROz was
sitting on their evil match server.
Probably discussing how to pull the pants over the hardcore DTFers head.
Kanto, Phoebus, Blanco and the evil writer Seti_Sniper was here and started the CloseQuarter map!
"what to do ? well we rush there , there and there… u through frag there and there and you camp"
guess who should camp 
"hmmm what will BROz do ?  have no clue.. probably just overrun us and kill us bloody and hard"

Okay lets look at Streets...... BROz choise ofcoz ! 
(who the hell would else choose that map against the hardcore DTFers)
"hmmmmm we all said.... shitty map, just stay away from windows and main door.....
Raven are on BROz team"
.........Okay lets play CloseQuarter some more again.

Okay time had to come... we where rdy to kill some BROzzies....
or get killed we later should realize 
The hardcore evil DTFers left Kantos test server and join the BROz evil and dark match server... 
we could see the dark clouds over the server when we arrived and it started to blow a gently
wind over our camouflage painted faces.

Phoebus started to stumble and her hands was shacking......
she faced the evil BROz team of total 4 evil hardcore gamers named:
Monty The mighty grumpy BROzzer
Raven The silent long distance killer
Meta The laughing Swede
Rasta The Swedish forest skitzo killer
A team you just can not come around without casualties 
Back to Phoebus….. she now was so far out that when she had to reload she hit zoom, 
when she wanna zoom she hit the crouch.
Oohhhhh what a feeling..... knowing that soon you will not bee here on this earth of evil gamers.
Okay let the game start....
After kicking out a strange SP.Dog that came into the server and join the BROz team.

The DTF map over all DTF maps…… as we say in DTF 
Okay we started out in our evil hardcore tactical 2x2 team formation, all equipped evil and heavy.
We rushed the BROz with all we had and know.... just to realise that they where placed in various
tactical positions and shooting us when we came around the corners.
Okay stupid as DTFers are we did same mistake a few times before regrouping,
and doing the same again.   So we lost first maphalf 1-4
Okay new maphalf ! DTF evil 2x2 team formation and out we ran, this time it looked like the evil
hardcore BROzzies was in a more "shit what to do" situation,
so the hardcore DTFers as we are started to kill the underdogs of BROz.
The battles was long, bloody and damn fun !
Special a lonely BROzzer had to admit that 3 DTFers hunting him down are not fun,
he fought a glory fight and took 1 DTFer with him into the dark clouds of gamers.
We ended up with a loos to the mighty warriors of BROz 2-3.
but we at least gave them a fight to their teeth... at least we thought 

Well as mentioned before.... STAY F.... AWAY FROM THE WINDOWS !!
The evil Raven are out there taking his silent kills.
And so we did ! guess Raven was big time disappointed after this map... no kills Raven ? 
Okay what to do on the hate map of all hate maps in DTF. Well just try to give them a hard time !
And so we did ....   .... and lost 0-4 and 0-5
Actually I don't remember anything from the Streets rounds...
I somehow managed to repression the map.

Okay a few things I can release from my memory ! 
We actually have a tactic on this map !
WE have to !! God damn it, coz BROz always choose this map 
Anyway some of our tactics are, as some readers know, named after other clans that we have fought
long and hard battles against, and so here on Streets we have "The SaTaN" tactic !
BROz should have been  coz now the evil HARDCORE CAMPERS of DTF came.
The SaTaN tactic are simple and evil... hardcore camp in downstairs spawn....
Mummies would be envious if they saw DTF here.
And when the evil hardcore camping don't work... all hardcore rush through the dark scary dungeons.
Okay as you c it did not work against the skilled and mighty BROz warriors.

More info can be found here: Nordicus Cup 4

Okay a few numbers for the freaks !!

2 maps with both inserts on each map. Then play until 1 team wins 3 out 5 rounds
Clik on images for more stats on each map.
# Map name Chosen by DTF round 1 - BROz round 1 DTF round 2 - BROz round 2
1CloseQuarter NC - DTF 1 -4 2 -3
2Streets NC - BROz 0 -4 0 -5
2 1 (Green) - 8 (Red) 2 (Green) - 8 (Red)
*|DTF|* Player Total kills TKs
*|DTF|* Blanco 0505040216
*|DTF|* Kanto 0405000110
*|DTF|* Seti_Sniper 0104030109
*|DTF|* Phoebus 0000020305
BROz Player Total kills TKs
Meta BROz 0508040926
Rasta BROz 050208052001
Monty BROz 0405030618
Raven BROz 0201040007
rund 1
( CloseQuarter 1 round )
rund 2
( CloseQuarter 2 round )
rund 1
( Streets 1 round )
rund 2
( Streets 2 round )