Nordicus Cup 4 Match against DADD

The 18 Mar 07
*|DTF|* had 4th Nordicup Cup 4 match against DADD and we won 4-0 (3-1,3-1 : 2-1,3-0)
The game was played as a 4 vs 4 with good spirit.

1st round we had the pleasure to meet Främlingslegionen (FL). which we lost against.
2nd round, against .PV which we also lost (played after the BROz match).
3th round, ohh our prime enemy BROz beat us bad too.
4th match against our oldest friends Dead Asses Dudes and Dudeds DADD, which we won.

Last match in the first round before QF, both teams could go to the QF if they won,
so there was pretty much on stake here for both teams.
DTF and DADD history goes far back to the good old RS days, actually Destroyer and Seti_Sniper's
friendship goes so far back that not even none of the clans existed at that time, and the
beginning of DTF and DADD we had some really good gaming nights in RS, so We know each other's
good, which probably, did not make the pressure less.
Anyway I guess both teams was high up for a win here..... maybe to high for some !

One thing that will be remembered also for this match was the TK's !!
DTF had so far not made 1 single TK, but this match we had 4 of them.....
actually the first kill in the match was a TK !  Well more about that later.
Anyway we all "landed" on BROz match server which BROz, again, was so kindly to borrow us
for the match, we where hopeing for a 5vs5 but unfortunaly Snake didn't make it,
and Gonzo had to redraw due to bad ISP connection, so after a like a small half hour waiting....
for Destroyer.... Mesterkokken came on and we where rdy for a 4vs4 macth.
Big was the surprise on DTF TS when we realised that it was Mesterkokken that came online and
not Desty. But okay if DADD would play with that team setting.... their problem ! 
To say here, not that Mesterkokken play bad, but we all think that Desty with his UT clan match
experience was a big advances to DADD, and not having him on the team might take out some
of their tactics.
But we really soon realised, in first round, that Mesterkokken either had changed playing style
and chat manners or else it was Desty behind the mouse/keyboard... it was Desty ! 
It turned out that when Desty was about to join, his PC would not start, so he jumped on
Mesterkokkens PC but forgot to change name in the rush. 
So plz remember here below in the stats ! Mesterkokken are actually Destroyer.
Hmmmmm first ever "player hax" I guess 

Okay lets look at the game... sry for lack of information in rounds but im getting old and
cant remember so far back in time.

Import / Export 2:
DTF choice of map, a map special Kanto and I had some good practice on (with Kof and 7th),
so we quick got Phoebus and Blanco into a few starting plans…. and of we go.......
*BANG* Seti_Sniper dead in spawn, Kanto: "UPSssss"  first kill... first TK ! gj m8 
and not to forget the round after when Kanto again did it, 
but now it was Blanco who was in the line of fire  Kanto  Kanto  Kanto
Anyway back to first round, after this brilliant start from DTF side, we got completely kicked
out of line of good shooting and running, so DADD hunted us down and we lost first round.
Total quiet on TS............... 
Seti: "Hmmm if we keep doing this we will loose"........
Total quiet on TS...............

Okay next round, do this - do that, and off we go.
And we where back on track and got 2 rounds from DADD.
Now with a 2-1 it started to become tactic..... I guess from both sides, so we got a draw
in 4 round. 5 round DTF took and won it 3-1 in some really ggz.
Next map half: well the tactic part from the last rounds was now under both teams skins,
so the battle went a bit forth and back, first one team camped, then other team camped
and so the whole map half went...
and after a loooong fight DTF pulled the longest straw and won it 3-1

DADD choice, and to be honest not a good choice from DTF, we have this strange relationship
to this old map and we where pretty sure heartbeat sensors and camping would be key issues here.
First map half was a looooong battle and lots of camping of single players.
It was pretty funny that how both teams tried to end up with only 1 player against a bunch
of opponents, and more funny was the ending camp places!
More than twice both teams ended in same spot.
But DTF again pulled the long straw and won 3-1 (2 draw rounds)

Last map half it looked like DADD got into what DTF normally do on last map half after loosing
first 3 in tight games... DADD ran out of air and quickly lost 3-0
BUT!!! we have to mention here that for some reason Phoebus all of a sudden felt sry for DADD,
so in the middle of a round 4 DTF against 2 DADD, Phoebus thought, lets help DADD.....
or was it to put more pressure on the game,
anyway there Kanto and Seti_Sniper was covering the dark ally..... door from library opened,
Phoe in the door looking at Kanto and Seti.
Seti:"Hey Phoe"......  *BANG* Kanto dead
Kanto and Seti in chorus on TS: "STOOOOOP Phoooooo"
*BANG* Seti dead.  well well

All of all ggz ! and I hope DADD had some ggz too. Thx 4 a good match m8s, lets do it again soon.

Due to the win DTF now was qualified to go to the QF... where NAS are waiting for some kills.
(in writing moment scheduled for Sunday 08april07)

More info can be found here: Nordicus Cup 4

Okay a few numbers for the freaks !!

2 maps with both inserts on each map. Then play until 1 team wins 3 out 5 rounds
Clik on images for more stats on each map.
# Map name Chosen by DTF round 1 - DADD round 1 DTF round 2 - DADD round 2
1Im/Export 2 NC - DTF 3 -1 3 -1
2Prison NC - DADD 2 -1 3 -0
2 5 (Green) - 2 (Red) 6 (Red) - 1 (Green)
*|DTF|* Player Total kills TKs
*|DTF|* Kanto 060506042102
*|DTF|* Blanco 0203080720
*|DTF|* Seti_Sniper 0203010410
*|DTF|* Phoebus 050102000802
DADD Player Total kills TKs
DADD_Mesterkokken 0401060213
DADD_Anarki 0402020311
DADD_Warhark 0401020209
DADD_Snowball 0101020105
rund 1
( Import/Export-2 1 round )
rund 2
( Import/Export-2 2 round )
rund 1
( Prison 1 round )
rund 2
( Prison 2 round )