Nordicus Cup 5 Match against Circle of Elders

The 16th Sep 07

*|DTF|* had their first Nordicup Cup 5 match against CoE and we lost 1-4 (4-3,0-7 : 0-7,3-4)
The game was played as a 6 vs 6 with good spirit in "Bomb mode".

Ohhh the Circle of Elders from evil Finland was once again in front of us 
We meet them last season in the semi finale, which gave us a hard time.
And now we had to meet them again…. And we still had the bloody match in our minds. 
(and Seti match report in his dreams )

We played on the BBFin match server, and after a few problems getting all in, we started out
Island Estate:
The DTF choice of map.
When we first read about the NC5 rulz and we saw them, Kanto and I almost in the mouth of each other shouted:
"Bomb mode ! what the hell is Bomb mode?"
I found the RvS manual deep down in a drawer, and we found out whotheheggis this was.
Kanto, Blanco and I had a quick run through the maps and found the bombs and a quick overview of which
spawn had best chances and so on.
After some small discussions just up to the match we decided for I.Estate for the reason that we knew for
sure we should be able to pull at least one map half home, and due to the evil Fins we were happy to get
at least one of those...... looks better with a 1-3 than a 0-4 

Take off: After some last second discussions when time ticking down,
we all rushed for the B bomb,
activated it,
First round home !!
We took the maphalf even tho we actually got more fight out of it than we expected.
Fins r evil, lets just state that !!

Second maphalf. ??? Did we play that ???? ............. guess we lost then !
Well CoE more or less did what we did, went for bomb B, and had a few scattered ppl,
so we could not get into the bomb and deactivate it.
Well if we could hold the position when we where Red, how the hell should we be able to do opposite?
So pretty sure loos, which we counted on anyway on this map half.
So 1-1 at this point, just as we counted on. 

Streets :
4 f...... sake why do all team choose this shitty map against us. 
We just knew it, DTF could win tons of money at bookmakers on map choice against DTF when Streets are in the map list.
So weeeeeeeeee we lost first maphalf like we never played RvS before 0-7 
Last maphalf is "DTF maphalf" !  we always play damn good in last round, even tho we might lose it.
Teamwork gets better,
we r more relaxed,
we shoot better,
we camp better,
we have better sex..... No sorry that's later. 
No DTF just plays better in 4th map round.
So even tho CoE won it, I think they had to fight for it, which the ciphers tell.
(3-4, had to play 6 rounds before real winner was found)

so endpoints 1-3 to  The evil Elders
and again we had a good, fun and learning game with The Elders.
Good to play you guys again 

We lost Heggis in one of the map changes, we could have started without him,
but DTF never let one of their prime kills go that easy, so we waited for our prime kill to return.

CoE was so kind to accept that we played all 7 rounds even if the match was won before,
we want to get spanked all the way when we have a chance. Thx 4 that m8s !

More info can be found here: Nordicus Cup 5
Clik on images for more stats on each map.

Stats are a bit different from other reports due to this is "Bomb mode",
so basically kills dont really mean anything.... Team play and activating/de-activating the bomb do !
# Map name Chosen by DTF round 1 - CoE round 1 DTF round 2 - CoE round 2
1Is-Estate NC - DTF 4 -3 0 -7
2Streets NC - CoE 0 -7 3 -4
2 4 (Red) - 10 (Green) 3 (Green) - 11 (Red)
*|DTF|* Players
*|DTF|* Blanco *|DTF|* Fizban *|DTF|* Kanto *|DTF|* Phoebus *|DTF|* Seti_Sniper *|DTF|* Snake
CoE Players
Arkker|CoE| Beast|CoE| Heggis|CoE| Jopez|CoE| Kosa|CoE| MM|CoE|
rund 1
( Island Estate 1 round )
rund 2
( Island Estate 2 round )
rund 1
( Streets 1 round )
rund 2
( Streets 2 round )