Nordicus Cup 5 Match against DADD

The 22 Sep 07
*|DTF|* had 2nd Nordicus Cup 5 match against DADD and we won 4-0 (4-1,4-3 : 5-2,7-0)
The game was played as a 6 vs 6 with good spirit. Team survial mode

1st round we had the pleasure to meet Circle of Elders (Coe) which we lost against.
2nd round..... DADD our mighty friends..............

DTF and DADD history goes far back to the good old RS days, actually Destroyer and Seti_Sniper's
friendship goes so far back that not even none of the clans existed at that time, and the
beginning of DTF and DADD we had some really good gaming nights in RS, so We know each other's
good, which probably, did not make the pressure less.
And again this time we allready had small pycho battle goin on in the forums before match......
and we were on our top motivation.
The game would for sure be a good match no matter what !

Seti and Desty started out to be alone on a TS channel...... having fun... shyyyy dont tell any 
No we just had a quick talk on how the match should go, and some server settings.

Island Estate:
DTF choise..... ohhhhh we choose this in the first round too !
but this time due to total different reason ! we choosed it due to its more and more are "The DTF map" !
To be honest, one of the big problems in DTF is the map knowlagde ! Not all players play RvS
enough to know all the "map place names", but on IE we more or less know them.
Also we have a few tactics... ohhhhhh tactics 
Anyway off we went and pulled the first round home in a 4-1 with 2 draws.

2 map half...... DADD Gonzo "left"... he crashed in the mapload.
We waited for him and had a lot of fun chat !  DADD are fun guys and the humor was below "something i cant mention".
After, i think 15mins DADD annonced that Gonzo had left and was going for a shower,
and DADD was willing to play one player down.
"WOOOT" was the word on DTF TS !  Okay we will normally wait for a player, but if he just leaves for "a shower",
then we dont care anymore, so we annonced "GO".
three rounds in the maphalf Gonzo came back...weet behind his ears... or was it BEEEP, and we where full teams again.
in the 4 round Phoebus crashed, and had same problem as Gonzo, she could not join the server.
As when Gonzo left, we continued, now it was DTF time to be one player down.
in the 6 round Phoe came online again.
For some reason the server did not show up right in the gamebrowser... it was a "noname" server
so if you crashed in the game you could not join it again.
end of it, all got in, and we played full team rest of match.
DADD was in front 3-2, but failed to pull it home, so a 4-3 to DTF was the result and it was a hard
an bloody match, but fun and good spirit even tho we all had some problems.
NOTE: Two first mapronds took 2,5 hours !!!!!

DADD choice..... again ! we also meet on this map in the last NC season, and as i wrote last season
DTF has a strange feeling on this map... we hate and love it !
We could maybe wounder why DADD choose this map again since they lost on it last time !
But it could be due to they had some new tactics that they wanted to try out!

1 map half.... well we more or less made the tactic in the map count down !
quick.. u do that, u do that, rest do that and off we took.
last word: "remember heartbeat sensors"  (read last season report to know)
Total chaos in DTF camp   
well we pulled it home in a 5-2. To be honest i dont really recall any high moments in this maphalf !
I think is was just more or less like a "fun game" round.

Last maphalf is "DTF maphalf" !  
I said it in our report against CoE, and i say it again  
Teamwork gets better,
we r more relaxed,
we shoot better,
we camp better,
we have better sex..... No sorry that was last time.
No DTF just plays better in 4th map round.
A note here... in the first seasons we just lost big time in the last round due to we got the "We already lost" feeling,
but we have started to get a more.... "damn lets get them now" feeling.
DADD might got the feeling "damn we have lost anyway" and that helped us abit, but we really got it going.
We teamed up the good old evil DTF teams a 2x2 and 2 wild cards.
2 guys teamed up and ran one way
2 guys teamed up and ran the other way
the 2 wild card just ran out and got the "fun kills"
the evil part of our 2x2 team was that one had heartbeat sensor on and we ran out,
and then both teams, 4,3 or 2 players, what ever that was left, teamed up again, and then we
had a 4 ppl team in the best rounds and hunted down the rest of the DADDs.
We ended up most of the times in the basement and hunted them down up through cantina area.
DADDs had a hard time and they lost in a good fight.
So after 3,5 hours we ended the last maphalf in a 7-0 to us.

Ohhh to mention !!
Team kills..... ohhh did we have some ? Ohhh yes we had a lot !! 8 in total.

Again like last season, ggz ! and I hope DADD had some ggz too.
Thx 4 a good match m8s !

More info can be found here: Nordicus Cup 5

Okay a few numbers for the freaks !!

2 maps with both inserts on each map. Then play best out of 7 rounds
Clik on images for more stats on each map.
# Map name Chosen by DTF round 1 - DADD round 1 DTF round 2 - DADD round 2
1Isl.Estate NC - DTF 4 -1 4 -3
2Prison NC - DADD 5 -2 7 -0
2 9 - 3 11 - 3
*|DTF|* Player Total kills TKs
*|DTF|* Kanto 0809100734
*|DTF|* Seti_Sniper 110605103201
*|DTF|* Blanco 0604091130
*|DTF|* Fizban 010510072301
*|DTF|* Phoebus 0402000410
*|DTF|* Snake 0401020209
DADD Player Total kills TKs
DADD_PartyCrash 0709120836
DADD_Destroyer 070204061901
DADD_Warhawk 0603040518
DADD_Gonzo 050605021801
DADD_Mesterkokken 030102010702
DADD_Crownfalco 010400010602
rund 1
( Is.Estate 1 round )
rund 2
( Is.Estate 2 round )
rund 1
( Prison 1 round )
rund 2
( Prison 2 round )