Nordicus Cup 5 Match against SRW

The 14th Oct 07

*|DTF|* had their last Nordicuscup Cup 5 match against Scandic Radical Worriers and we lost 0-4 (3-4,2-5 : 2-5,3-4)
The game was played as a 4 vs 4 with good spirit in "Bomb mode".

1st round we had the pleasure to meet Circle of Elders (Coe) which we lost against.
2nd round we played DADD our mighty friends, which we won against.
3th round we had a "sit over" round.
4th round we had fun to play against the Norwegians =507= and we lost.
5th round it was the time for the Scandic clan SRW ......

All DTFers was rdy for the match, and we had some good practise just before the match.
We made some tactics based on a 5vs5 match, #6 would then just be a freebee killer.
Unfortunately SRW could only muster 4 guys, so we had to decide who should leave from DTF.
Phoebus had been ill up to the match (see report from match against 507)
Blanco had hangovers after the national soccer match teh night before
Seti was willing to leave to..... to nurse Phoebus, well I had some strange problems up to the match with my PC
so I might be "unstable".
Rest... well they where just there 
Phoebus left quickly
Then small talk who else should leave...... and when I said "Im leaving, so remember one of you to make match report"
And that was the turning point i guess  I had to stay due to I should make this report !
So Blanco left to recover from his hangovers.
(well one thing i found out... its not my playing skills that keep me in the matches.... its my match-report skills 

Now back to match ! As mentioned here we had planed all on a 5vs5 match and now we only had 4, and we had to 
re-schedule a few things ! The rounds where we had to activate the bomb was not so big a problem, but the
defensive rounds was a problem, we missed the 5th player badly.

Alpine Village:
The DTF choice of map.
Well we didnt really have any prefs other that some of the other maps we didnt like, so we took Alpine V. just due to.....
well 3 of us liked it better than the others.
First GO and of we ran..... directly to bomb in Wine cellar...... Where the hell was SRW ? we didnt see any,
so we activated the bomb and took "cover", approx 10sec before BUM, the first SRW showed up. Bang-bang and he was dead
Bomb went off and we sat there on TS with wonder !!
 Where did SRW go ? 
 Did they forget it was bomb mode ?
 Or did they not know where the bombs was ?
well no matter what first round was home.
The next run and now the guys showed up.... Ohho they where aggressive ! That was a new one, they were supposed to
"cover" the bombs, not run out and hunt us down..... but they did !
After some short argue between the DTF founders on TS about what was agreed and what was done, we ran out and took
some bombs and we had some really "Hot" battles with the guys.  
Heartbeat was on its max and bullets was all over the place.

Here comes an interview from one of the SRW guys to the *DTF* match reporter:
"Well Seti, the truth is that one round during Alpine Village I was the only SRW alive aginst 1 dtf....
dunno who....  (it was Fizban: source Seti) but i was at the church Second floor..... I was sure i heared
him comming in the basement.... So i was going to frag down at the door from the same side.....
meaning i was above the door..... but erm my nade didnt leave the second floor but stayed on the edge.....
So i blew my self up !"
GJ SRW !! DTF players shouted i chorus on TS 

After 6 rounds it was a 3-3.........   ...............HELP my heart pumps in 245 beats per min.
Well The Worriers did well and defended their bombs well and won the 7th round. GJ SRW ! 
First maphalf ended 4-3 to the Radicals

Spawn change and our time to defend bombs, and due to the missing 5th player we had to make some last min. changes.
We won first round.......... and then lost the next 4  No No No i just say !
we played last rounds and had the result "painted" a bit, but we never really did this well.
We could not hold the guys out and lost some stupid battles ! being defencive are really not our favourite gaming style.
Anyway the Worriers took the last maphalf in a 5-2 and we just had to say "Well played m8s"

Map choice of SRW.
SRW in defensive position and we had to attack ! We knew from our "testing" that the bomb on first floor was hard, so we
concentrated on the one in the "storage room".
First round, we ran outside and took the "long" way around the building and came in from the backside, that tactic seemed to work
coz SRW was overtaken fast and we got the bomb..... BUUUUUUM. and first round to us.
Then some really close rounds, so after 5 rounds we had a 2-3 to SRW.
Quick "what to do" on TS and we changed tactics, and now went for the first floor bomb, hoping that this change would
suprise the Radicals ! 
Well........  Bummer i would say !
[SRW]Boos must have had a 7th sense, coz he just placed a so perfect frag on the small stairs and BUM....... 
4 DTFs was bleeding on the floor.
and the next rounds more or less went same way....... so a 5-2 to the damn good Randical Worriers !

Spawn change and our time to defend, and again we had problems with our missing player !
The fight was damn close and after 6 rounds we again was in a 3-3 situation. 
All was on their toes..... we need this last one just for our own self-esteem ! And maybe that was the reason..... we lost.
I was at this time so much up running on my adrenalin pumps that I had very had time to "slow down".

Short: Really good games and SRW did good !! We where a bit sad about not being able to have a 6vs6 game, we all really like
to play the matches, so it was sad that we had to say NO-GO to two of our guy/girls.  But thats life !
But sum was that we lost the game and where out of the NC5 tournament!

PS: Forgot... TKs  well a slow match on this point... only 1 and it was made by Kanto (on me)

More info can be found here: Nordicus Cup 5
Clik on images for more stats on each map.

Stats are a bit different from other reports due to this is "Bomb mode",
so basically kills dont really mean anything.... Team play and activating/de-activating the bomb do !
# Map name Chosen by DTF round 1 - SRW round 1 DTF round 2 - SRW round 2
1Alpine V. NC - DTF 3 -4 2 -5
2Presidio NC - SRW 2 -5 3 -4
2 5 (Red) - 9 (Green) 5 (Green) - 9 (Red)
*|DTF|* Players
*|DTF|* Fizban *|DTF|* Kanto *|DTF|* Seti_Sniper *|DTF|* Snake
SRW Players
[SRW]Roz [SRW]OcTaGoN [SRW]psyko [SRW]Boos
rund 1
( Alpine Village 1 round )
rund 2
( Alpine Village 2 round )
rund 1
( Presidio 1 round )
rund 2
( Presidio 2 round )