*|DTF|* Plays ''The *|DTF|* way''
*|DTF|* Plays FPS games on Clan level.
*|DTF|* Is English speaking when public. (unless if we are on a pure Danish server)
*|DTF|* Pays homage to a good netparty and BBQ.
*|DTF|* Has no named leader(s), but in case of "Force majeure" the Founders have the last word.
*|DTF|* Does not tolerate Cheats/Hacking of the game (under no circumstances).
*|DTF|* Will play friendly games versus other teams/clans who share our attitude toward the game.
*|DTF|* Main activity is rampaging through friendly servers shooting at everything that moves.
*|DTF|* Allow all gametypes / gamestyles
*|DTF|* Allow team members to use their *|DTF|* tag in other games.
*|DTF|* Will kick members if they put *|DTF|* in bad standing.

The *|DTF|* way
Winning is not important....... real m8s, fun and playing is !!

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