Info Join Clan MP Name IRL Name Team Role Country
Kanto 27 Jan 2002 *|DTF|* Kanto Allan Founder
Seti_Sniper 27 Jan 2002 *|DTF|* Seti_Sniper Poul Founder / Webmaster
13 May 2002 *|DTF|* Phoebus Karina Killer / FoodMama
30 Aug 2002 *|DTF|* Elite HC Killer
19 Apr 2003 *|DTF|* Snake Erik Killer
10 Jun 2004 *|DTF|* Fizban Johnny Killer
10 Jun 2004 *|DTF|* Il Blanco Kim Killer
The *|DTF|* member picture taken at the Summer Clanparty 2003 (Image)
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