In the year of Our Lord 1988 it all began !!

In the beginning there was nothing.
- On the first day two guys met at a party on FanÝ (Denmark).
- On the second day they became good friends.
- On the third day the computer was developed.
- On the fourth day they got their own computer.
- On the fifth day Rogue Spear was developed.
- On the sixth day they got hooked on Rouge Spear.
- On the last day *|DTF|* Danish Task Force saw the first light.
........ and they saw everything was good !!

                    *|DTF|* Danish Task Force
More details.......

Seti_Sniper had played RS (online) for some time with good friends mainly from Bornholm (Danish island) and Kanto had been playing a bit on his own, and during their friendship they started out playing RS in weekends at Seti_Sniper's place.

They started out just to play co-ops against terrorist but soon got a bit bored and wanted some more "action" so they started out fragging ppl on The Zone.

During some of these "weekend meetings" the "Clan/Team thing" started ! so they decided 2 start Danish Task Force
Also known in short as *|DTF|* - Seti_Sniper and Kanto celebrating the start of *|DTF|* (Image)

*|DTF|* had some nice weekend meetings at Seti_Sniper's place with lots beer, lots of food and lots of headshots
Now food don't come by it self.... we were playing u know... so it's here Phoebus came in....
she kept us constantly filled up with food, chips, beers and u name it!!
Like Kanto once stated: "it's like being home at Grandma's"

In one of these weekends Phoebus said:" I wanna try also" (let me say, she had been training a bit on forehand) and during this weekend she said: "It looks fxxxing good when I shot them in the head"
Now with that quote she became a natural member of *|DTF|*

Kanto have a long time good old friend UnderTaker, who Seti_Sniper also knew from various events.
UnderTaker is a "game alcoholic" and had been playing RS on his own 4 a long time, so we invited him for some online games against some of our good friends (now known as DADD, se links) and he turned out 2 be a real killer, so in 1 of our weekend party's he became an official member too.

Raven Shield was released the 21 of March (FINALLY ) and *|DTF|* jumped into the carnage with full force and no fear !
The start was a frustrating experience... reinstallations, servers, settings and all kind of shit.... but it turned out to the bright side
But one thing *|DTF|* would like to state: "Multiplayer keys sucks... after the 50th time !!"

After a little more than 1 year *|DTF|* has increased their Roster number with a little more than 20%
*|DTF|* Snake joined the team at Easter 2003.
Snake once came with the statement: "How can u play PC games the whole night ?"
After this statement Phoebus persuaded him to try RS and gave him the CD's for RS,UO,CO and BT.....
Some things never change..... but he did !
He started playing for himself and one night he joined *|DTF|* on the Net and played out into the middle of the night. Since that night our ICQ constantly pops up with following message: "Are u going to play tonight ?"
How could we not include him in the *|DTF|* team ?? we couldn't find a reason ! so he joined.

Summer 2003 and up to spring 2004 *|DTF|* really got into public, not only on forums but also social and gaming
We was at "The meeting" in CHP together with BROz, FUG, SP.COWs and we started out playing a bit more public
Year 2004 was the year when we started to play RvS for real, We have during the vinter-spring been rampaging through
the BROz server and fun it is !!!
If you wanna meet a *|DTF|* member....well then join the BROz server, and get a headshot, coz we are there !

Summerparty 2004 was again a big succes ! we where 8 players, 6 DTF's and 2 Guests from BROz.
"6 DTF's hmmmm You don't have 6 members in DTF !" some would say, Well right and wrong :-) !
During the spring we had two friendly macthes, 1 against the Danish clan -=NWO=-, our great frinds which we lost big time against, and we had a match against FCG (also lost, see stats for more info)
anyway we where low on members for these matches and as you all know we had 2 m8s playing with us (see Summerparty 2003) so it became natrual that they played with us in these matches.......
and what come more natural than include them in DTF ?? Well Great m8s.... so great DTF'ers !
So Summerparty 2004 was the official event to include our newest members Fizban and Il Blanco
So summer 2004 *|DTF|* inclued 7 members

Lots of years has past by.....ohhh getting older
We today write Jan 2008 and *|DTF|* has now been around for 6 years... well actually the 27th of Jan. we have 6 years anniversary !
Lots has happen, an lots will happen ! But lets look a bit back at the last years of *|DTF|*
Last 'Update' DTF was getting more public and we participated in the CHP meetings, since then the 7 DTFers has join the major Nordic league NordicusCup
... yeaa we played... we got beaten... we got killed... we got spanked... Yeaaa u name it and we got it !
But we always sticked to our moral.... Winning is not important, real m8s, fun and playing is !!
So we kept on playing and got spanked
Until one year... something happen and we actually made it to the Bronce match.....
hmmm what went wrong ? No one can answer... but we did
The NC matches are/was really something we all looked forward to and enjoyed, no matter how the outcome was !
Okay... its nice to win to, even we have to admit that after tasting The Blood of Victory

Else *|DTF|* has carried on with the SummerPartys which has become a real event with traditions, just to mention a few
BBQ, DTF Cup, Shots Night... and FUN not to forget !
We kept inviting outsiders from other clans, special the SP.Cows has become regular visitors.
Nice Guys which we really has become friends with. Thx m8s for beening there, also to the BROzzors we had here !!
We have had some nice X-Mas partys to with some of them ending with NewYear celebration as the ending part of the Lan-party.

What else happensin *|DTF|* life ?
Well both Snake and Phoebus turned the corner of the 30ies... ohhhh and Kanto our old grand Dog found the hard corner of 40ies
Fizban found his feet back on Danish soil... and we we hope he stay ! STAY PUT Fizzy
On the other hand Seti has been more outside DK than in DK, so its almost like Fiz and Seti has changed spots
Seti and Phoebus took the long walk up the church aisle and said Yes to each others.
Lots of Cyber fiends partisipated at that event, which shows what all this can end up with
yeaa and the thing some would never had thought... Kanto became father to Kanto Jr.

And another thing has been sure so far, we are here for each other and hope it stay so, even what happens.... bad as good !!
Hang in there and bee there m8s, we can do it.......

Gaming life has become harder and less over the last half year or so.... RvS are on the end of its glory period.
Other games has popped up from UBI to take over but all has failed to become the successor
ATM COD4 and GRAW2 seems to be some of the games played in the community, but not total overtaken the RvS.....
when it comes to saturday night gaming... yet
(The outsider seems to be Trackmainia Nations also in between friends(cross clans) called DinkyToy)

What game *|DTF|* will swap to are still to be decided, not discussed, or tried.... but something has to happen soon...
if *|DTF|* has to survive as one of the major clans in the community (if we ever where that... i mean major )
As we see it now, allot of our friendly clans suffer from the down going period of RvS, and some might not survive.
In DTF we seems to have lost our friend UnderTaker which has turned his life more toward his family ! Fair and his choice.
Major upgrades in hardware will be an issue for some, and attitude change for others ! (lets looke inwards for a while)
But the change will happen or we die as a gaming clan !

We now write The Year of the Lord 2012. Ohhh the years has past since last update on the Story of *|DTF|*.
Last we where 'In between games' RvS era had ended and a new had to come !
After some time the community turned towards CoD4:MW and so did *|DTF|*.
We had some good years with CoD4 and great Lan-parties, both a HQ'ers but also at our clan friends -=NWO=- Some great m8s

We survived the 'small' years and still have all the Rosters in the Barn.
UnderTaker seems to found time for gaming and came back but now with a new name *|DTF|* Elite.
Great to see him active on the forum again and hope to c him some more at Lan-parties.
Fizban flied to Greenland and have been in-active due to that... we miss him (Truely), and looking forward to have him home this X-mas

CoD4 died and again we where 'In between games' ........ ohhhhh it seems that every time we end here things look to fall apart.
Its a struggle to keep the clan together ! The new game seems to be CoD:MW3
We had our first lan-party with CoD8:MW3 in the new HQ 'The Barn', which Phoebus and Seti have been working on for some years now !
together with friends from -=NWO=- and 3 no-claners (but as usual friends IRL)
All seems to like the new HQ and we hope to have some great parties here in the near future !

The Year of the Lord 2012 is also a marking year !
Official its now 10 years since *|DTF|* was founded under the straw roof of Setis previous house.
So far this year we will have a traditional Summer-party with some friends, and then maybe later celebrate our 10year anniversary.
We want to have all 7 at this party so preps for this will await to later this year.

2012 will also be the year Seti_Sniper re-wrote the webpage and giving it a new style. 10 years with the old style... so new needed.
Cant have that others calling us 'Old-schoolers' We hope for a good outcome of it.

Ohhh Myyy Gooood years has taking us through different stages ! .... Im writting in Dec.2015
Last i wrote something about COD:MW3... Ohh played it for a long period. we had lots of parties, and we all geting older.
Seti introduced a new aspect of the GetToGether Parties.... Race day !! 25m of digital Scaletrix ace track......
can U imagine 40 year olds getting back to 15 ? well it happened during those nights ! Lots of fun i tell ya !
We all got a bit tired of the COD thing, and we had a smashing Old School SummerParty playing RvS.. total fun with Sp.Cows and good friends included.
During all this the trusted DTF forum crashed... big time and Seti aka the Admin had failed to have a prober backup, so the forum was dead for good *RIP*
In Dec 2015 Seti aka Admin got the time and courage to start up a new forum, new layout and new regis ! so all could start from a fresh.
We hope the best!!
Dec2015 was also the year for a new.... long waiting ... RainBow Six series game came out.... RS-SIEGE
The game could be the new Community GetToGether thing ! it looks promising... not 100% as old day, but close !!
one of the things which seems to be a dead end is the dedi-server thingy which seems to be a low Pri from the game vendors.... Loosers
Status of DTFers life: Fizban got married and living in Silkeborg, which Blanco also are situated, Kanto, Seti, Phoebus, Snake, Elite (former UnderTaker) are all Status Que.... just getting older.
We still hanging together.... just looking forward to c how life/gaming will bring us the next few years forward.

Years has past by... we r getting more grey haired... some less haired
Im writting 2018 Spring.... Easter Party just ended with 8 peeps, 5 DTFers, 2 Sp.Cows & 1 friend. Fun and good gaming, what more can We appriciate ?
The gamming now: CoD:MMII which seems to be a great game, some game for the Stat-hores and some for the Play the object players, so we all got amussed.
We almost got all the DTFers in the HQ this time, but still have to work on that part, but Hey after more that 15 years together it s fair amount.

Again years keeps loosing track, so much going on in the IRL.
To mention a 2x50 and 3x40 *|DTF|* corners has been celebrated, actually i think i missed a few plus some in the friends list found a corner.
Fizban returned to Haderslev, Blanco getting more and more restless... he might make a major change in his life soon
Our friend KOF(Sp.Cows) from Holland found his "love in life" and, in writting moment, building a Castel for her (and him ).

Gaming side... well CS:GO has become big on the public screen, and specially Seti got nuts watching tournaments,
Seti and a good friend of *|DTF|*, Nutr4sw33t, has made a "tradition" to go and watch the ESL finals in Odense (this year canceled becoz of Covid-19), and hope more would join us next time, but we are not playing the Bunny-Jumping-BMX-bike game IRL

Lan-parties, well we keep meeting and playing, lately it has been different versions of CoD we meet and play in the *|DTF|* HQ.
Nutr4sw33t, Multikillz, KOF(Sp.Cows), seems to keep coming... dont know why . StarSoft(Sp.Cows) & DB(-=NWO=-) keeps in touch but didnt manage to come due to different reasons
New guy in town showed up, TroL, and keeps in touch also .
The game some of us play these days are the lates CoD:MW(2nd edition), tho it has not made its breakthrough in the *|DTF|* community... but we'll c

The year 2020, which is on its last days now writting, would be one of the "into the bin years"...
COVID-19 the real bastard showed up and made a missery of the world and influenced a lot on our LAN party activities ,
our Easter party got canceled, we managed to get a Halloween Party up, but it was reduced to 6 peeps,
KOF, Fizban, DB, TroL had to to the event, so we where a small gang, but we had fun

So here the Admin aka Seti sitting and thinking (if he can think):
How did it go ? How will it go ?? Will we meet and play LAN ??? Will we meet just for a cup of beer in the future ????
I surely hope and wish ! Also seeing some of the friends we dont see that often would be nice !
So to end the year 2020, i wish U all a happy 2020 ending and let's rock in 2021 guys .
So until next update.... in many years from now (maybe)....... Let's Go'Go'Go' and many HS's 2 U all
PS: Next update I might write about our 20 years anniversary. Lets make it Mighty and Glory

What will the future bring ??.....
Who knows ??......
But We can insure U that we bring Headshot along where ever we go !!

The *|DTF|* way
se CoC for more details about The *|DTF|* way
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